The Resurrection

New Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus (with Dr. Jeremiah Johnston)

The Best Case for the Resurrection (with Dr. Jonathan McLatchie)

The Resurrection of Jesus: Mike Licona & Dale Allison in Dialogue

The State of Resurrection Research: Discussion with Gary Habermas and Mike Licona

The New Investigation of the Resurrection: A Conversation with Andrew Loke

The Death of the Apostles: Sean Responds to a Skeptic
In this video, I offer a point by point response to YouTuber Paulogia who critiqued my claim that the willingness of the apostles to die for their belief in the risen Jesus provides evidence for the resurrection.

How to Answer Questions About the Resurrection for Young People of All Ages

Can We Trust What Mark Said About the Resurrection?

Four Reasons Why the Resurrection Matters to Christians

Is the Resurrection Reasonable?

Was the Tomb of Jesus Really Empty?

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