New Testament Reliability


J. Warner Wallace

Dr. Sean McDowell


The Reliability of the New Testament


Textual Coruption

Oral Tradition

Authorship and Dating

External Evidence

Internal Evidence

Answering Objections

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What Are the Gospels?
(History, Myth or Biographies)


J. Warner Wallace:

A Cold Case for the Gospels

Why We Shouldn’t Expect the Gospels to Agree

The Importance of Time in the Reliability of the Gospels

How Can We Be Sure the Gospels Are Telling the Truth About Jesus?

What Was It About the Gospels That Convinced You They Were Reliable?

Were the Gospels Written Decades AFTER the Eyewitnesses Died?

Why We Know the New Testament Gospels Were Written Early

Can We Trust What Mark Said About the Resurrection?

Has the Truth About Jesus Been Distorted Over Time?

Is the Bible Reliable?

How the Life of Paul Makes the Case for Christianity

How Did we Get the Bible We Have Today


Dr. Sean McDowell:

Examining Extra-biblical Sources for Jesus (w/ Gary Habermas)

7 Reasons the Gospels Can be Trusted (w/ Lydia McGrew)

The Archaeological Evidence for Jesus: A Conversation with Dr. Titus Kennedy

Did Eyewitnesses See Jesus? An Interview with Richard Bauckham

The Latest Textual Discoveries of the Bible (ft. Dan Wallace)


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